Villa Santa Lucia travel guide

Villa Santa Lucia is a hill town in the southern part of the province of Frosinone. Because of bombings in the second world war there is very little interesting to see for tourists.

Villa Santa Lucia travel guide

Tourist information

Villa Santa Lucia
Villa Santa Lucia

The address of the town hall is Viale Dante – 03030 Villa Santa Lucia. Tel. +39 0776463366. The postal code is 03030 and the area code is 0776. there is no tourist information office.

Public transportation

The train station Piedimonte-Villa Santa Lucia-Aquino is located slightly outside the city. It is located in the territory of Aquino and is along the Rome-Cassino-Naples railway line.

A brief history of Villa Santa Lucia

Villa Santa Lucia has existed under its current name only since the second half of the 19th century. Previously, the town was simply called Villa. The history of the town is closely linked to that of the Montecassino Abbey, which used to rule the region from when the town was founded until the end of the Middle Ages.

The area was already inhabited in the early Stone Age, as demonstrated by a multiple archaeological finds. Also in Roman times, there was a settlement on the site where the town is located.

What was to develop into the present town is first mentioned in a document from 1052. It was then among the many possessions of the Montecassino Abbey. The city remained in the hands of the abbey until the end of the Middle Ages. Several attempts at becoming independent failed.

When the abbey was engaged in a war with the Normans, the city sided with the latter. After the peace was signed, Villa was returned to the abbey.

In 1129, during the struggle between the Pope and the Emperor, the town was razed to the ground by the troops of Frederick II of Swabia.

Another rebellion was suppressed in 1137.

An earthquake struck the town in 1347.

In 1424, the then Pope Martino V had troops led by Francesco Bianco occupy the town.

In 1487, it came under the Kingdom of Naples. This situation did not changeuntil the unification of Italy.

In 1863, the name was changed from simply Villa to Villa Santa Lucia. Santa Lucia is the patron saint of the town.

Tourist attractions

Since the town was bombed during the second world war, little remains of what might have been of interest to tourists. In the suburb of Piumarola you can still see ruins of an old castle. The most important church is the Madonna delle Grazie Church. Of the San Giacomo Church in Piumarola also only ruins remain.

By Car

From Rome take the E45 in southern direction. At Volla take the SP152 in the direction of Piedimonte San Germano. Continue to your destination. You can also take the slower SR6 and exit at Piedimonte San Germano. The E45 is a toll road.

From Naples you first drive to Cassino. Here you take the SR6 towards Rome and then at Santa Scolastica the Via Ponte Romano.

Villa Santa Lucia, Frosinone, Latium, Italy

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