Villa Sarsina Anzio

The Villa Sarsina is a historic villa in Anzio. It was probably built on a former temple dedicated to Hercules.

Villa Sarsina Anzio

Useful information

The address of the Villa Sarsina is Via Luigi Mazza, 17, 00042 Anzio RM, Italy. Phone: Unknown.

History Villa Sarsina Anzio

The Villa Sarsina was named after the princes of Sarsina, who went by the name Aldobrandini in everyday life. The family owned the villa from 1874 to 1926.

The original owner was Cardinal Neri Maria Corsini, who was from Florence. The latter had the palace built between 1732 and 1735. The architect was probably Francesco Fuga. On the walls of the belvedere belonging to the villa the coat of arms of Pope Clement XII Corsini, who was the cardinal’s uncle, was depicted.

After taking over the role of “Patron of the Port ” from Cardinal Benedetto Pamhilj, he immediately started construction. A number of jailed convicts were used for the work.

Probably the ruins of a former temple dedicated to Hercules were used as foundation. In 1931, a mosaic depicting this hero was found in a niche under the Belvedere.

The steps that adorn the building date from the time of the Corsini.

After the Corsini, several other families owned the villa. Each family had its own ideas and had alterations made to the building. Through the Menacci, the complex finally came into the hands of Don Pietro Aldobrandini. The latter commissioned Vespignani to carry out an extensive restoration.

Villa Sarsina, Anzio

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