Villa Savorelli Sutri

The Villa Savorelli is one of the most famous tourist attractions of Sutri, a small town north of Rome. The villa is located just outside the town, within the borders of the Parco Regionale di Sutri.

Villa Savorelli Sutri

Address, opening times and entrance fee

Villa Savorelli Sutri
Villa Savorelli

Address: SR2 (Via Cassia), 13 – 01015 Sutri. Telephone: n/a. Opening hours: From 09:00 to 16:00. Closed: Never. Entrance fee: Free.

History and description

Until 1629, the Villa Savorelli was owned by the Altoviti family. After this it came into the hands of Giovanni Battista Muti Papazzurri. He had several renovations carried out.

In 1944 the building was destroyed by a fire. The new owners had the villa rebuilt. This was done with the help of the painter and writer Giorgio de Chirico. Not long after this, the Staderini family came into financial difficulties and were forced to sell the villa to the municipality of Sutri.

The Villa Staderini consists of three floors, plus a basement. The floor plan is square. The facade has few decorations.

The most beautiful part of the villa is the so-called “Italian” garden, laid out according to strict geometrical lines. The fountain in this garden was designed by Alfredo Biagini. The material used is a type of marble called peperino.

The Papazzurri family also had the small Madonna del Monte church built on the grounds of the villa.

Those who love natural beauty can visit the Bosco Sacro (“Sacred Forest”), which is also attached to the villa.

Villa Savorelli – Via Cassia, Sutri

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