Villa Sora Frascati

The Villa Sora in Frascati is one of the so-called papal villas in the area that are known collectively as the Castelli Romani. The frescoes in the Sala Zuccari in retrospect turned out not to have been painted by Federico Zuccari after all.

Villa Sora Frascati

Useful information

Villa Sora Frascati
Villa Sora

The address of the Villa Sora is Via Tuscolana, 5 – 00044 Frascati (tel. +39 069424609).

History and description

The Villa Sora was owned by the Dukes of Sora. It was built on the site where the villas of the Emperors Lucullo and Galba used to be located.

The villa has been reconstructed many times over the centuries. It is only through old etchings and paintings that one can deduce what it must have looked like. Probably the palace had a courtyard and there were two watchtowers,

It is not known who the architect of the building was, nor can it be deduced from its architectural features, since the entire facade was severely damaged during World War II.

Today it is the seat of the Istituto Scolastico Salesiano.

What to see in the Villa Sora

The Sala Zuccari houses a number of frescoes created by Cavalier d’Arpino (and not, as originally thought, by Federico Zuccari).

Villa Sora – Frascati