Villa Spigarelli Anzio

The Villa Spigarelli is a modern building on the coast of Anzio. The ancient Roman ruins on which the complex is built are one of the few examples of the palaces that wealthy Romans had built along the coast.

Villa Spigarelli Anzio

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Villa Spigarelli Anzio
Villa Spigarelli

The entrance to the Villa Spigarelli is on Viale Coriolano, behind the Santa Teresa Basilica. The building is privately owned and can be visited only when the city of Anzio organizes a guided tour.

History of Villa Spigarelli Anzio

The modern Villa Spigarelli was built on the ruins of an ancient Roman villa discovered in the early 20th century. In building the modern complex, they followed the precise floor plan of the ancient villa. It also incorporates mosaics, sculptures and marble decorations from the ancient structure.

During the time of the Roman Republic, it was common for the more affluent and influential Romans to have villas built along this part of the coast. Even emperors would later follow this example.

It is possible to reconstruct the various developments of the villa, starting with the relatively austere original building, followed by the extensions and embellishments during the time of Emperor Nero (1st century AD).

After the villa fell into disrepair, a kind of bar (thermopolium) and inn (caupona) were built against it. Four rooms of this construction can still be seen excavated in the macco (a local stone).

Villa Spigarelli, Anzio

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