Villa Torlonia Obelisks Rome

In the Villa Torlonia, a small museum park along the Via Nomentana in Rome, two obelisks can be admired. The obelisks are copies of Egyptian originals and were placed in the park in 1842.

Villa Torlonia Obelisks Rome

Address, opening hours and admission

The official address of the Villa Torlonia and its obelisks is Via Nomentana 70, Rome. However, there are three entrances to the park, in the Via Nomentana itself and in the Via Siracusa and the Via Spallanzani. Opening hours: The park is open from dawn till dusk. Entrance is free.

History and description

The Villa Torlonia became a public park in 1977. Until then it was the property of the Torlonia‘s, a family of bankers belonging to Rome‘s wealthiest families. Except for the two obelisks the park contains a number of small museums. The most interesting one of these is the Casina delle Civette.

The obelisks were mounted in 1842. They are constructed from granite originating from Baveno and copied after Egyptian examples. Transport to Rome took place by ship, first following the river Po and then by sea to the mouth of the river Aniene.

Once the ship transporting the obelisks had landed in Rome another 8 days were needed to get the obelisks to the Villa Torlonia itself.

They were placed in the park on respectively June 4th and June 26th. Impressive festivities were organized and among the guests Pope Gregorius XVI and King Luigi I of Bavaria stood out.


Of all the cities in the world, including Egyptian cities, Rome is the one with the largest number of obelisks.

Villa Torlonia – Via Nomentana 70, Rome

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