Villa Tuscolana Frascati

The Villa Tuscolana is one of the villas located on the outskirts of the historic center of the hill town of Frascati. At the moment, the villa serves as a hotel.

Villa Tuscolana Frascati

Useful information

Entance gate Villa Tuscolano Frascati
Entrance gate to the villa

The address of Villa Tuscolana is Via del Tuscolo km 1,500 – 00040 Frascati. The villa is privately owned and used as a hotel.

History and description

The mansion is also known under the name Villa Rufinella and towers over Frascati. It was commissioned by Alessandro Ruffini in 1578.

Over the years, the villa has changed hands many times, which has also led to some major modifications in the structure of the palace.

The final changes were made by Luigi Vanvitelli, an architect of Dutch origin, who also has to his credit several churches in Rome and, above all, the Royal Palace of Caserta.

At the beginning of the 19th century, the property came into the hands of Luciano Bonaparte, who had several excavations conducted there and then shipped the archaeological finds to the museums of Paris.

During World War II, the palace itself was severely damaged by bombing.

Highlights Villa Tuscolana Frascati

The facade is on the short side of the building. To its right is an elliptical chapel with a facade facing the entrance to the palace itself. The chapel has a very beautiful floor.

The terraces of the garden follow the original project as closely as possible.

Villa Tuscolana, Frascati