Villino Crespi Rome

The Villa Crespi in Rome was constructed in 1907 on part of the former Villa Mirafiori. The building is decorated with works of art from two demolished churchs, Sant’Urbano ai Pantani and Sant’Eufemia. It was also used as the background for Sergio Leone’s film “Once upon a Time in America” (1984).

Villino Crespi Rome

Address, opening hours and admission

Address: Via Giuseppe Antonio Guattani, 17 – Rome. District: Quartiere Nomentano.

History and description

The Villino Crespi was built on part of what used to be the Villa Mirafiori. This was the property of Countess Rosina Vercallana, who was first the mistress and later the (morganatic) wife of King Vittorio Emanuele II. (A morganatic marriage is a union between two people of unequal social rank. This also meant that the countess would not have any claim on the king’s succession rights or titles in the event that he would die first.)

After the king’s death in 1878 the complex was divided up and sold. Of the Villa Mirafiori, only the main building and a small section of the park remain. The main palace is now the seat of the Faculty of Philosophy of La Sapienza University.

Villino Crespi Rome
Villino Crespi

The Villa Crespi was constructed in 1907, The interior is graced by multiple art works left over from the Sant’Eufemia Conservatory that resided there from 1937. These include an “Annunciation” (Cesare Nebbia, 1580) and a “Santi Carlo, Francesco e Nicola” (Ottavio Leoni aka Il Padovano, 17th century), both taken from the Sant’Urbano Church. Andrea Camassei painted the “Sant’Eufemia” (1631-1633), which was taken from the church of that name, demolished in 1812.

Via Giuseppe Antonio Guattani, 17 – Rome

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