Villino Vitale Rome

The Villino Vitale is a historic building in the Prati district in Rome. Built in the early years of the 20th century, it was enlarged after the World War I. Today part of the palace serves as a hotel.

Villino Vitale Rome

Address, opening hours, tickets

Villino Vitale Rome
Villino Vitale

Address: Via dei Gracchi, 291 – Rome. The palace is not open to tourists, although the 2nd floor is being used as a hotel.

History and description

The Villa Vitale was built in the year 1900 by the architect Arturo Pazzi. It was inspired by medieval architecture, which is also reflected in the materials used (laterizio brick and Travertine marble).

The rectangular building was originally characterized by a cascading roof. There is a balcony at the corner of the Via dei Gracchi and the Via Alessandro Farnese.

In 1909, the building was enlarged. Two floors and a central turret was added. The roof was covered with tiles. A cast iron decoration was also added

Villino Vitale Rome (majolica decorations)
Villino Vitale

Duilio Cambellotti was responsible for the changes that took place one year later. He decorated the frieze under the roof with frescoes depicting flying doves. He also had the turret decorated with majolica tiles depicting swallows.

Via dei Gracchi, 291 – Rome

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