Virgiliano Park Rome (or Parco Nemorense)

The Virgiliano Park is close to the much larger Villa Ada Park in the Trieste district in the northeast of Rome. Built in the 1930s, it has a playground for children and a bocce court for the elderly. It is also called Parco Nemorense.

Virgiliano Park Rome (or Parco Nemorense)

Useful information

Address: The park has three entrances, on Via Nemorense, Via Lago Di Lesina and Via Panaro. Metro: Sant’Agnese/Annibaliano (line B1). Opening hours: From 08.00 to 23.30. Entrance: free of charge.

History and description

Virgiliano Park Rome
Nemorense Park

The Parco Nemorense was designed in 1930, when Italy was run by Mussolini’s fascist government. The architect was Raffaele de Vico, who, in one way or another, has been involved in almost all of the city’s famous parks.

The park was dedicated to the poet Virgil because he had been born exactly 2,000 years ago.

In 2020, after a long restoration, the park reopened. This restoration followed the original design of the De Vico.

An avenue flanked by linden trees runs along the sides. Three other gravel and cobblestone avenues cross the park. These are flanked by holm oaks and chestnut trees.

There is also a rock pond.

Further embellishments come in the form of two fountains. One is shell-shaped, the other is shaped like a fig branch.

Virgiliano Park, Rome