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Vitorchiano is a small town in the province of Viterbo. It is located along the superstrada that connects the cities of Orte and Viterbo itself.

Vitorchiano travel guide

Vitorchiano as it used to be

Vitorchiano has less than 5 thousand inhabitants and is situated on a plateau between cliffs.

Its origins are ancient, In Etruscan and Roman times it was a flourishing city and was often attacked by the Barbarians.

Unlike other centers in the area, it was built up again right after having been attacked and in the year 757 the King of the Lumbards, Desiderio, had a fortress constructed around the city.

In later years Vitorchiano often asked for protection from Rome against the various wealthy families of Viterbo, and since that period enjoys an unbreakable bond with the Italian capital.

Tourist Attractions

  • The Chiesa della SS. Trinità  was built in the 14th century and houses works by a.o. Valentino Pica (“The Annunciation”, 1514) and Domenico Corvi (“The Death of Saint Joseph”). A wooden urn with golden decorations holds the ashes of Sant’Amanzio, patron saint of the city.


  • The Sagra del Cavatello is held every year during the first week of August. The cavatello is a kind of pasta, that in Vitorchiano is served with a sauce of garlic, tomato and fennel.
  • The Poggiata: An afternoon walk along sites in the surrounding countryside that are dedicated to San Michele Arcangelo.

Vitorchiano, province of Viterbo, Lazio

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