Zattere Venice

Zattere - Venice streets

Like everywhere else in Italy, people in Venice like to see and be seen. One of the city’s main promenades is the Zattere. It is located along the Giudecca Canal in the sestiere Dorsoduro. It is lined with eateries and offers gorgeous views of the canal and the Redentore Church on its opposite side.

Zattere Venice


Zattere Venice
Zattere, seen from the Giudecca Canal

Originally constructed in 1519, the Zattere used to be a landing place for the vessels bringing wood for the manufacture of ships and boats. The word itself means “raft.”

The Zattere now runs along the entire south side of the Dorsoduro district and offers a nice view of the island of Giudecca and the Chiesa del Redentore. On the eastern side the road is officially called Fondamento Zattere ai Saloni and about halfway down it becomes the Fondamento Zattere al Ponte Lungo.

What to see

On the west side, where the San Basilio church used to be, there is now, a.o., the Scuola dei Luganegheri. This former seat of the sausage makers’ guild is now a restaurant. Locals still call this part of town San Basilio.

The Palazzo Priuli Bon was built in the 16th century and served as the French Embassy for many years.

The 15th century Gothic Palazzo Molin is now the seat of the Adriatic Coast Guard.

After the Ponte Lungo, you will see the Santa Maria della Visitazione Church, which was designed by Mauro Codussi in the 15th century. It is not known who painted the 58 saints on the ceiling of this church.

Santa Maria del Rosario Church Venice
Santa Maria del Rosario Church

The Santa Maria del Rosario Church was designed by Giorgio Massari around 1740. The frescoes on the ceiling of this church, which is also called the Gesuati, depict events from the existence of the Dominican monastic order and were painted by Giambattista Tiepolo.

The Spirito Santo Church has a famous trompe l’oeil ceiling.

The Emporio dei Sali was a salt storage facility and now houses a rowing club.

At the end of the walk one arrives at the Punta della Dogana. The image on the bronze weather vane depicts the goddess Fortuna.

Zattere – Venice

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