Zoomarine Pomezia

Zoomarine in Torvaianica, a suburb of Pomezia near Rome, is an amusement park spread out over no less than 34 acres of land and water. Its attractions include an interactive dinosaur park and a dolphin show.

History and description

Zoomarine, Torvaianica, Pomezia

The Zoomarine Amusement Park was opened in September of 2005.

In 2010 the park already managed to attract over half a million visitors. Since the park has opened several new attractions, including Emozione Delphini (“Dolphin Emotions”), a show that allows visitors to get to know this intelligent creature better, guided by biologists and other experts.

Other attractions are the interactive dinosaur park, with full-size prehistoric animals, the Squalotto (giant shark) roller-coaster ride, and a tropical beach.

The first attractions already included a show with seals and sea lions, a water park, a 4D cinema and a park with tropical birds.

The visitor will not have to go hungry either. Apart from the Amazonia restaurant, there are 11 snack bars and 7 shops.

The parking lot has space for 5000 cars. Visitors to Rome without a vehicle of their own can use the free shuttle buses to the Zoomarine park.

Zoomarine, Pomezia

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