Palazzo Merulana Rome

The Palazzo Merulana is a relatively new exhibition space in the Esquilino district of Rome. The museum has both a permanent exhibition and ever-changing exhibits.

Palazzo Merulana Rome

Useful information

Palazzo Merulana Rome
Palazzo Merulana is the building on the right.

Address: Via Merulana, 121 – 00185 Rome. Telephone: +39 06 39967800. Opening hours: Wednesday to Sunday from 12:00 to 20:00. Closed: Monday and Tuesday. Admission fee: 12 Euro. (Super Green Pass is required).

History and Description

The Palazzo Merulana was built in 1929 in an architectural style Italians call Umbertino, after the King who ruled at the time. It was originally the seat of the Ufficio d’Igiene, but later fell into disrepair.

After a renovation, it is used by the art collectors Elena and Claudio Cerasi to display their private collection. Most of this collection of modern and contemporary art is located on the second floor. Many of the works were created by local artists. Claudio Cerasi died in 2020, shortly after the museum opened.

The first floor is occupied by a bookstore and a café. Also on display here are sculptures by Antonietta Raphael, Mario Cerioli, Pericle Fazzini and Ercole Drey, among others.

The museum also organizes temporary exhibitions.

Palazzo Merulana, Rome

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